Take to the skies in this wonderful 1940's WWII training aircraft.  With an open cockpit, you can fully appreciate the sounds and sights of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.  Your 30 Minute flight is operated as an Introductory flight.   On arrival at our RAF dispersal hut at Sherburn in Elmet Aerodrome, you will met by the team and after a short briefing, helped to get changed into your flying gear.  The pilot will walk you to the aircraft for a couple of photographs before you are given a full aircraft brief and then strapped in and ready for startup.  You will be able to speak to the pilot throughout your flight.  Please note that due to weight and balance considerations we cannot fly anyone over 18 Stones in weight and also if you are a little on the rotund side, we may have to suggest a visit to ensure you will be able to fit into the cockpit safely.


We are asked by the CAA to mention the following in respect of this introductory flight, however, please do note that our organisation pilot will hold an authorise commercial pilot's licence, which allows him to take passengers on flights and also ensures that he is regularly inspected and tested on his pilot skills.  Unlike some agencies, we do not use those who are simply Private Pilot Licence qualified.


“You are about to book an introductory flight on a light aircraft. You should be aware of the fact that safety rules for introductory flights are not as strict as they are for commercial air transport flights. This means that there is more risk involved in taking an introductory flight than buying a ticket from a commercial airline operator, where much stricter safety rules apply and where the aircraft, pilots and the operator are subject to continuous checks and strict oversight rules from the authority. As opposed to commercial airline passenger flights, the risk levels involved in General Aviation flights can be compared with risk levels found in road transportation.” 

Tiger Moth 30 Minute Introductory Flight

  • Your gift certificate has a nominal expiry of two years however, if you contact us within that time we are happy to extend the time to accommodate your personal requirements.